Cleaning & Preparation materials


Surface Preparation:

Bonding applications require the correct cleaning and preparation of surfaces prior to applying any adhesive along with the correct primer or abrasive in some cases. We also stock a full range of products from Mykal, Kimberly Clark. Including, rags scourers gloves and wipes.

Equipment Cleaning:

There is a need to clean equipment, machinery and products to ensure they are safe for the operators and are producing the best consist results. For example JCB use Mykal high performance cleaners to clean metal fabricated parts prior to painting.

Health & Safety Personnel:

Employers, in all industry sectors have a responsibility to ensure staff and premises are clean free from harmful germs contaminants, and are working in safe environments free from build up of harmful agents or chemicals. We even have product that make light work of graffiti & gum.

Q? Please have a look at our on-line store for further details of these products.

We have solutions for tackling the harshest of chemicals and adhesives please give us a call to discuss further. If you have a requirement for a particular product or application that is not featured please contact us we may well be able to source this for you or formulate something.


Industrial & manufacturing, Clean-rooms, Laboratories, Schools, Hospitals, Catering, transport, councils, Public Spaces, stadiums, airports, aircraft, Health & Safety.



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