High Bond VHB Double Sided Foam Bonding Tapes

3M VHB Very High Bond Acrylic Foam Tapes

3M® 4910F Clear VHB®

3M® 4910 VHB® is a double coated, clear solid acrylic. The general purpose adhesive bonds to most higher surface energy substrates including metal, glass and high surface energy plastics. In many cases it can replace rivets, spot welds,...

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3M® 4932F White VHB®

3M® 4932 VHB® is a double coated adhesive foam. It has a low surface energy adhesive on a firm acrylic foam carrier. It has good adhesion to polypropylene and many powder coated paints. In many cases it can replace rivets, spot welds,...

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3M® 4941 Dark Grey VHB®

3M® 4941 VHB® is a double-coated adhesive foam. It is one of two 3M® VHB® core go-to items. 4941 is the main product when conformability is necessary. 3M

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3M® 4947F Black VHB®

3M® 4947 VHB® is a black, double coated adhesive foam. In many cases they can replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives or other permanent fasteners. This conformable foam provides good contact, even with mismatched substrates.

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3M® 4950 White VHB®

3M® 4950 VHB® is a firm acrylic foam tape that is used for bonding a variety of substrates. 4950 is one of two VHB® go-to items. It is used over the 4941 family when firmness is preferred to conformability. The 4950 family has general...

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3M® VHB® Surface Cleaning Fluid

3M VHB Cleaner is an Isopropyl Alcohol solvent used to clean a surface prior to adhesion.

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