Electronic Grade Films

We can supply the world’s broadest range of high-quality polyester films. We are also experienced in converting many Dupont films such as Melinex® a biaxially oriented polyester film. Our complete family of Dupont films includes Kapton® Polyimide film, Mylar® Melinex® Polyester Film, Nomex® high temperature insulation amongst many others. Our commodity supply integration service has expanded our product range into specialized industrial materials such as laminates and insulation materials. These specialist products are used in the industries of aerospace, rail, automotive, marine, defense, white goods manufacturing, electrical and electronics.

Thermals Stability Specialist treatment for extra performance

In such applications where extreme degrees of tolerance is required this specialised machine, formally located at ICI is now producing a range of thermally stable polyester films with shrinkages as low as 0.1%