Double-sided Bonding Tape

Adhesive Transfer Tapes

3M® 904 Adhesive Transfer Tape

A lower cost version of 3M® 924 offering a general purpose clear acrylic transfer tape which can be used with the ATG dispenser. The product has good temperature performance, adheres well to most surfaces and plastic materials (ABS,PP...

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3M® 924 Adhesive Transfer Tape

The acrylic adhesive has a high initial tack and good shear holding power. Using the ATG dispenser the product is suitable for bonding metal, glass, wood, paper, plastics, splicing of foils, films and fabrics, laminating adhesive for...

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Adhesive Transfer Dispenser Gun 6 Guns per Carton

3M® ATG700 Adhesive Transfer Tape applicator gun is ideal for fast, accurate dispensing of transfer adhesive tape. The 3M ATG 700 applicator gun has a clear window that allows the user to quickly see the remaining tape left on the roll....

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