Safety Identification Tapes

Safety Identification Tape

Photoluminescent Tape

A self-adhesive Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) tape. Absorbs and stores light from any light source (natural, fluorescent, Tungsten, halogen etc...). The tape features a very aggressive acrylic adhesive.

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PVC Electrical Tape

Designed to meet international electrical specifications and approved for use by electricity boards, power and telecommunication authorities worldwide. Excellent electrical properties and self-extinguishing. Please note minimum order...

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PVC Hazard Floor Marking Tape - 50mm x 33m

The striped safety hazard tapes enable fast and efficient marking out of safety areas to minimise potential hazards. Hazard Tapes are available in colours for Hazard Warning and Fire Risk. 24 Rolls per carton.

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Polythene Barrier Tape - 75mm x 500m

Our non adhesive barrier tape offers great visibility and exceptional value for money. 10 Rolls per carton.

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Tamper Evident Security Tape - 50mm x 50m Roll

Tamper Evident Tape is a special packaging tape that leaves a warning message “Void Open” at any attempt to remove it. It is used to seal packaging of valuable items allowing easy detection of theft and pilferage when goods are in storage...

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Anti-Slip Tape - 500mm x 18m

Anti slip tape, makes walk ways, ramps and stairs etc safer and helps to comply with Health and Safety Regulations. Please note minimum quantity order is 10 rolls.

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