Tamper Evident Security Tape 50mm x 50m Red or Blue. Box of 36 rolls

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The tamper evident tape is covert (doesn’t have any obvious security markings on the surface), versatile and TSA-CCSP compliant.

The tamper evidence is designed to function within 60 seconds of application. The tape performs well on most surfaces, including difficult surfaces such as plastics, recylced cardboard (without tearing the surface), textured finishes, pallets films, boxes with wax coatings, bare wood, and film overwrap on pallets.

When tampered, these permanent security tapes transfer all adhesive to the surface. After removing, since most of adhesive remains on the surface (and little to none on the tape film), the tape film cannot be reused, which is an added security feature against unauthorised reuse of the tape.

This red tape is used on high value packaging where the application of a security tape needs to be subtle in application and highly visible when tampered with. Box of 36 rolls. Available in red or blue.