High Bond - Crystal Clear - 1.0mm Thick - Similar to 3M® VHB® 4910

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An alternative to the 3M® VHB® range of acrylic foamed tapes, where the application does not require the high specification, performance, and cost of a 3M® VHB® product. A thorough evaluation should take place prior to final adhesive selection. Cleanliness of the substrate is the key to a successful bond and a special cleaner is available for this purpose.

High Bond Crystal Clear Tape is the ultimate bonding film. The thickness of the adhesive film gives excellent conformability to structured and uneven surfaces, whilst also acting as a gap filling medium. The high viscoelastic nature of the product significantly reduces stress along the bond line (when compared with mechanical fixing methods) and has the ability to absorb shock, vibration, noise (frequency) and differential expansion co-efficients. The pure acrylic adhesive has a good level of initial tack for assembly purposes with a bond strength that increases significantly over time. This product is therefore ideal for permanent bonding of metals, glass and most plastics where an invisible bond line and permanent fixing and mounting is required for critical and exacting applications.