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J.I.T. Industrial Products are proud to work alongside Hermes as the leading distributor of the company's high calibre products in Scotland. Nigel (our Managing Director) works closely with Hermes in order to solve any abrasive application needs or problems that we come across.

Rather than using a copy and paste approach to abrasives, we set up individual workshops and discuss with our customers any ongoing issues before selecting the most suitable Hermes product for each individual application. As with most products, abrasives have developed considerably and modern day materials which increase yield, reduce time and improve the quality and finish.

Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH & Co. KG is an abrasive manufacturer based in Hamburg, Germany. They have manufacturing plants in Hamburg, Austria, and the United States of America. Hermes is the largest supplier of coated abrasives in Europe, and also has numerous conversion plants across different continents making it one of the largest abrasive suppliers in the world. The abrasive products can be used in metal fabrication, wood and joinery engineering, shop fitting and the medical and automotive industries to name but a few, in order to produce aesthetically pleasing surfaces and precision functional parts.


Some of the products that are included in the Hermes abrasives range are detailed in the table below.


Identification and Marking: Wow Saddles Product Enhancement

We offer a range of different identification and marking products. In a previous blog we made reference to our wide selection of tamper-evident tapes and labels. In addition to this, we also stock many other different types of labels which can be used for product enhancement, warning, instructions, identification, and we also stock a range of high temperature labels which can withstand temperatures from 200°C to 800°C and be used in specialist, automotive, electrical and industrial contexts. Many of them are UL, UR and CSA approved in order to comply with regulations.

All of our labels are coated with high performance adhesives in order to withstand many different environments and remain firmly attached to your products for its life-cycle.

An example of our product enhancement is the Wow Saddle domed badge. This high end luxury saddle company were worried about the aesthetic of the product. There were unattractive Allen key bolts on their saddles which they wanted to cover but be able to access if needs be (e.g. for repair). They approached J.I.T. Industrial Products Ltd. with this problem, and of course, we had an excellent solution: The Wow badge. The badge can be easily removed if the saddle is in need of maintenance or repair.

We offer a wide range of industrial customised printed solutions so if you have a similar application problem, please contact us via the website, by email, or by phone on +44 (0) 1698 748290. 


We were recently approached by a leading medical equipment manufacturer to solve an application problem. The customer had designed a display enclosure which had a green LED backlight. Unfortunately, the green light was filtering through the box which was not aesthetically pleasing.

After discussions with our customer we discovered that their three main objectives were as follows:

  1. Prevent LED light from flooding through enclosure
  2. Prevent dust and draughts entering the product
  3. Product must allow fascia to remove cleanly for maintenance purposes.

After careful consideration, J.I.T. advised the customer to use a particular foam tape to seal the enclosure and prevent the light from shining through. By preventing air and draughts from getting into the enclosure,  dust could not enter the product. The foam tape which was selected had a filmic layer on one side which meant that  the foam removed cleanly from the fascia for cleaning and maintenance purposes, thus fulfilling the third objective.

The photos below highlight the effectiveness of the recommended foam tape.

If you have any similar application needs then do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. 

 b2ap3_thumbnail_led-light.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_frontpic_20140325-145639_1.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_foamgap.jpg

Our range of products does not stop at industrial tapes. We also sell a range of Mykal cleaning products.

Mykal have a wide range of superior and safe solutions for degreasing and cleaning on an industrial scale.

Recently, they tested their De.Solv.It High Performance Degreaser (DSI 1000) on heavy fuel oil and diesel rail transportation tankers used by a waste disposal company. Previously, the tankers would be steamed in waters of 60°C to loosen the residue which was up to 15 years old and were then refurbished and renewed or cut up for scrap. This process took a very long time.

When using Mykal, the tankers were steamed as usual but then sprayed with De.Solv.It in order to clean very heavy residues. The time taken to remove the oil was reduced without addition significant hazard to the cleaning operatives, who had to wear protective clothing.

The application worked extremely well and this product is now used in Belfast airport to clean fuel tanks in exactly the same application.


The De.Solv.It High performance Degreaser (DSI 1000) is also certified by MMO and the Scottish Executive for use as a surface cleaner on shoreline oil spills. 

If you feel you would benefit from this product or have any similar application needs then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

J.I.T. are very pleased to announce that we are now distributers for Taconic's Tacsil adhesive products.

The Tacsil products are a range of double sided silicone tapes which, thanks to their silicone compounds, are reusable in high temperature environments of up to 260°C. Tacsil tapes are specifically designed for use in the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Process, temporarily fixing FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits) or tiny components to a carrier pallet.

As well as being used in the SMT Process, the tape can be used in several other application processes including:

  • the assembly process
  • the flip chip mounting process
  • display panel process
  • substrate manufacture process
  • LED Packaging


Below is a diagram of the benefits of using Tascil silicone tape throughout the SMT process. 


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The aerospace and defence industries, metal fabrications, engineering companies, the oil and gas industry, shot blasting and paint coating companies, specialist fabric production, label manufacturers, whiskey bottling plants, electronics and lighting companies...

What do these industries all have in common? Us! Yes, J.I.T. Industrial Products Ltd. serve all of these industries and more. Our range of products covers industrial tapes, adhesives, our Hermes abrasives and Mykal cleaners.

You! Fancy adding your industry to the list? Contact us to discuss your application needs today! Whether you would like to ensure your production line goes smoothly, or you want to cut costs or reduce manufacturing times, our experts can help you answer all of your application needs.

Petrol Pump Fascia: Innovation to create a new bonding solution.

At J.I.T., we are passionate about our  products, and take pleasure in customising them to help create new innovations for our customers. With 25 years in the business, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise which we are happy to share with our clients and customers.

This is illustrated by our involvement with various different companies' R&D processes. For example, we were approached by a well-known petrol pump manufacturer who wanted to develop a completely new bonding solution for their pumps. Their objectives were simple:

  1. simplify their product using adhesive technology
  2. reduce the length of time it takes to produce each pump
  3. make the product more cost-effective

After various trials and with the help of our expertise, the new prototype was finally produced:

A Plexi-glass display fascia was mounted onto the aluminium using high-bond tape to form the finished display panel. To successfully do this, we used various methods including:

  • screen printing sheets of high grade Plexi-glass;
  • mounting the die-cut high bond foam gaskets using a special Jig.

 All that the customer had to do on receiving the product was clean the surface with our high bond surface cleaners and then apply the part using a custom jig as per application guidelines.

We are extremely proud of this innovation as we were instrumental throughout the whole research and development process, and in the end helped our customer fulfil their design objectives. 

Lighting Innovation - Application Solution

It is not uncommon for customers to ask about conversions on their products. From Velcro and Neoprene Foams to EPDM Rubber Seals and Gaskets, we have worked on developing customisations for many customers.

This moisture barrier EPDM foam gasket seal was developed by J.I.T. Industrial Products Ltd. for one of our lighting customers. The rubber seal is a critical component of the lamp - using this means the product can withstand harsh temperatures and environments. This allows the lamp to be used anywhere whilst protecting it from the elements.

Due to the pioneering design,  the lamp was a huge success and  was applauded in the lighting industry -our customers and the lamp itself even  won awards for this truly exciting innovation and for  the products usability.


For other similar applications involving these products or conversion methods, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Testimonial from a long-standing customer

After 25 years in the business, we have developed many long-term, loyal relationships with our customers and we take real pride in hearing the positive feedback that our customers give us.


"Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary! We have set you many challenges over these years and you have come out on top on most, if not all the challenges set.

As you, Barrie (Founder and Executive Chairman), and J.I.T. have matured in those years nothing is too much trouble, a factor which we value greatly.

I hope J.I.T. continues to thrive over the next 25 years, again congratulations from everyone here on reaching this milestone."

- Gordon, a satisfied J.I.T. Industrial Products Ltd. Customer

Company withheld for confidential reasons.



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JC Decaux Case study. How JIT helped JCD solve their bonding application problem.

In 2008, during Liverpool's reigning year as the European Capital of Culture, the Liverpool One shopping centre was opened to this public. Liverpool One has been credited with regenerating the centre of one of the biggest cities in the UK. The city is now one of the top 5 retail destinations in the UK. We have been lucky enough to become a part of this through our work with JC Decaux - the world's biggest outdoor advertising company.

JC Decaux approached us last year in order to solve an application problem concerning one of their digital advertising panels. They wanted an adhesive which was strong enough to bond granite onto stainless steel. Granite is a very heavy material, and so in order to withstand the weight of this material, varying temperatures and changeable weather conditions, our experts came up with a suitable application.

The company is still working on the implementation of the digital advertising panel, but we are very excited to be able to show you some of the work in progress.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have similar bonding application needs.

heavy-granite.jpg tape-and-adhesive.jpg

One of our most interesting  innovative design solutions has to be our thermal management materials.

For example, one of our customers was facing a huge problem with their LED lighting products. As with many new products, as things get smaller they get hotter. Throughout the testing stages, these LED units were frequently overheating, a problem which had to be solved. Fortunately we had the solution with a range of modern day thermal management materials, as listed below. Our experts worked alongside our client's R&D team in order to find the most suitable solution for their application.

We have a wide range of solutions for thermal management including:

  • the import and conversion of silicone base polymer with a working temperature of -60°C  to 200°C
  • specialist graphite materials which can withstand temperatures ranging from -50°C to 500°C
  • Ceramic-filled high-temperature silicone rubber on electric fibreglass (designed for situations where additional thickness is needed in order to prevent short circuiting)
  • Solutions for aluminium heat sinks in power supplies
  • casting in automotive motor controls.

The pictures below illustrate more clearly the types of thermal management solutions we provide.thermal_per_img.pngflex_elec_img.png

For more information, please take a look at our dedicated thermal management solutions pages (1) and (2) on our website and do not hesitate to contact us.




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Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Have you ever noticed signage or promotional material in a supermarket on a metal surface? Applications of magnetic tape such as this are often overlooked in our day to day lives.

Magnetic tape does what you would assume - it offers an adhesive free, reliable magnetic bond in order to affix your chosen product to metal. As you can guess, it is residue free and will leave no traces once it has been removed. You can also purchase magnetic tape which has a foam backing. This allows you to affix your product/promotion/sign etc to a more uneven surface with ease.

As previously mentioned, magnetic tape is an excellent and valued tool - your signage can be displayed, removed and moved elsewhere in accordance with your preference. It has also been used in industrial applications such as affixing temporary protective sheeting to oil rig frames and steel bridges allowing shelter during painting operations. Please don't hesitate to contact us to find our more information about our magnetic tapes for your application needs.



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Here at J.I.T. Industrial Products, we also offer a range of packaging products that are usable, reliable and of a high quality such as stretch wrap, carton sealing tapes, printed tape and water activated reinforced gum paper tape. Once activated, the adhesive of the tape penetrates the surface of cartons and boxes in order to provide a very secure and strong bond.

In this company, we believe the best value for money and not just unit cost per roll. The performance of the product and the yield can far outweigh the cheapest product. More and more companies have decided to approach packaging with this outlook, and manufacturers are producing innovative solutions and better engineered products to reduce consumption, waste, landfill while meeting new environmental and waste regulation objectives.

In light of the above, there are countless benefits of using water activated reinforced gum paper tape. The table below details some of them.


If you have any packaging applications or improvements you would like to make, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

What is Splicing? High Temperature Splicing Tapes

Put simply, splicing involves joining two or more pieces of linear materials e.g. to splice paper, you stick the edge of one sheet to the edge of another.  Of course, in industry, it is more technical that that. Here at J.I.T. Industrial Products Ltd. we offer a wide range of splicing tapes such as single and double sided tapes to join papers, films, cards, foils, fabrics and textiles. If your manufacturing process needs to join the end of one roll to the next, chances are you are using splicing tape. Our splicing tapes are used in industries from specialist fabrics and textiles to label manufacturing, in applications where high temperatures can have an effect on the performance of the tape, and many other scenarios.

In modern day manufacturing processes,  you must use the correct splicing tape in order to combat temperature and chemical resistance. For example you may need to use high temperature splicing tape capable of withstanding up to 200°C. If you are not using the correct tape then you may experience problems down the line. In order to ensure you are using the correct tape, our specialists work alongside you to find the tape best suited to your applications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your splicing options!

At J.I.T. Industrial Products Ltd., we are committed to helping you find the right product for your application. Our expert knowledge can ensure every application is successful.  One of J.I.T.'s best selling product ranges, our self-adhesive tapes, can be used for many different applications. As well as sourcing well-known brands such as 3M, Scapa and Advance, we also sell a range of alternatives by lesser known brands which offer high quality and performance.

There are countless uses for self-adhesive tape which are not well-known to the average person. From permanent to peelable, general or specialist applications, we are bound to have a tape that meets your application specifications. Take a look at our product range on our website for more details on individual product specifications, and contact us for more information on our products or applications.

The mind map below shows which types of our self-adhesive tapes are suitable for certain industries. Of course this list is not extensive, so if you are considering using self-adhesive tape for one of your applications feel free to contact us to speak with an expert who will help you find the right tape for your needs. 




PTFE (polytetrafluroethylene) is a white thermoplastic material with a waxy texture, made by polymerizing tetrafluoroethylene. It is non-flammable, resists chemical action and radiation, has a high electrical resistance, and also has an extremely low resistance to friction (which is why it is perfect for pots and pans!).

Teflon is the Du Pont brand name for PTFE, so in reality, PTFE and Teflon are exactly the same thing.

At J.I.T. Industrial Products Ltd., we sell both! Of course, the tapes we sell are usually not to budding chefs looking to improvise and make their own non-stick pans! Many manufacturing processes use this type of tape in order to take advantage of the aforementioned high temperature resistance, low friction (non-stick) properties. Industrial applications like conveyor coating and rollers, heat sealing bars, production equipment all use PTFE tapes.


Below are some of the industries in which Teflon/PTFE Glass tapes can be used. If you work in one of these industries and want to know more information, or would like to order these products, take a look on our online store, or contact us by phone or email to have a chat.



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Our masking tape range is one of our most popular and requested. There are several different types of masking tapes on offer from general purpose to extremely specialist high temperature tapes.

Masking tapes are used by many different industries throughout the UK and indeed the wider world. We have tapes that can be used for general purposes such as painting, but we also stock tapes which can resist extremely high temperature in order to cater to processes such as powder coating, wave soldering and HVOF( High Velocity Oxygen Fuel). Some of these high temperature polyester tapes can withstand temperatures of over 200°C!

In our wide range of masking tapes, there is a tape to suit every type of manufacturer, from the sign industry to the aerospace industry, so whatever your industry may be from painting and decorating to aerospace, we have tape to meet you application needs.

The experts here at J.I.T. Industrial Products are always happy to lend a hand when it comes to masking tape (or any tape for that matter!) If you are looking for a high quality masking tape then look no further. Contact us today by phone, email, social media, fax, snail mail, however! and we will be glad to respond promptly. 


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Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels
  • Sending sensitive documents or valuable goods?
  • Do you want to ensure your goods are not tampered with?
  • Don't get caught out by thieves!

                                Why not try out our tamper evident security tapes or labels.



Tamper evident security tapes and labels are quite self-explanatory; if your document or parcel has been tampered with, the recipient will know immediately. Once opened, the tape will reveal a message such as "void open"  in order to warn you of a previous attempt to expose or tamper with your goods.

These products are of use to any individual or company who wants assurance that sensitive items are not exposed. However, it may be of particular interest to those concerned with:

  • Security (for example in airports and stadiums)
  • Traceability
  • Contamination

 Like all J.I.T. products, our security tapes and labels are of the highest quality. A strong polyester backing and solvent acrylic adhesive sets our security tape apart from the crowd and is the number one choice of many a sensible business.

Visit our tamper evident page to purchase your peace of mind today. 

There are thousands of different varieties of tapes on the market and here at J.I.T. Industrial Products, our aim is to help you select the right product for your application.


You would be surprised how many tapes are used in manufacturing especially in the electrical engineering industry - electrical insulation and thermosetting tapes, foam tapes and a wide variety of masking, wave solder and plating tapes to mention a few. Manufacturers of circuit boards use bandoliering tapes and surface mount tapes to attach their tiny components. Even if you are not interested in technology and manufacture, you must admit that those are fascinating facts.


Polyimide tape is extremely popular in this industry because of its mechanical properties, thermal stability and good chemical resistance. One of the most popular brands of high temperature polyimide tape is DuPont's Kapton® tape. As well as these leading brands, we offer a range of non-branded alternatives. We sell various types of this tape including single-sided, double sided, dots and die cut shapes and we are very happy to be able to offer a conversion assembly service in order to cut the tape to your specifications.

In addition to this, we also sell ESD polyimide electronic tapes which have been given ESD treatment on the surface of the backing film in order to provide excellent electrostatic dissipation. What's more, our electrical grade tapes all meet industry specifications, including those of military, UL and CSA grades.



So what are you waiting for? To find out more information contact us!



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High Bond VHB Double Sided Foam Bonding Tapes

High bond tape is an essential material used in many different companies in many different industries. A large majority of our customers from the metal fabrication industry to the sign industry benefit from using high bond tapes instead of traditional rivets and mechanical fastenings.  

Why is high bond tape so popular?

  • It is a fast and effective means of bonding
  • It is  controlled and consistent
  • High bond tape has an instant initial grab
  • It is clean and easy application

The technology of tapes has advanced in the same way as that of everyday technology. The strength of many of our self-adhesives, whether they are high bond, double sided, foam tapes, etc. is almost unbelievable. If you are looking for an alternative to unsightly, costly and frankly time consuming traditional bonding methods then our range of self-adhesive tapes is most certainly the answer. In fact, even architects and construction companies use high bond tape throughout the building and construction process, so you can rest assured that high bond tapes work!


Please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss our full range of high bond tapes and application guidelines.