Double-sided Bonding Tape

High Strength Bonding Tapes

Double Sided High Bond Powder Coat Tape - 19mm x 33m. Box of 4 rolls

A heavy duty acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive tape

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Double Sided Filmic High Bond Tape - 50mm x 50m. Box of 6 rolls

High performance Double-sided Filmic Bonding Tape.

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Double Sided High Bond Acrylic Foam Tape - 12mm x 1.1mm x 33m. Box of 6 rolls

Acrylic foam tape – ideal for: Manufacturing and signage.

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Double-Sided Acrylic Foam Tape - 25mm x 1.1mm x 33m. Box of 2 rolls

Heavy duty acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive capable of operating at the high temp of 200°C+

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Surface Cleaner - 1 litre. Box of 6 bottles

Surface Cleaner is an Isopropyl Alcohol solvent used to clean a surface prior to adhesion.

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Surface Primer - 250ml Can. Box of 6 cans

Surface Primer a preparatory coating put on materials before bonding.

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