High Temperature Splicing Tapes

Splicing Tapes

Blue Splicing Tape - 50 Micron. Box of 12 rolls

50 Micron Silicone Adhesive Polyester Tape

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ESD Polyimide Tape 12mm x 33m. Box of 12 rolls

The ESD type tape is made by ESD treatment on the surface of the backing film to provide good electrostatic discharge.

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Double Sided Polyimide Tape - 25mm x 33M. Box of 12 rolls

Polyimide Film Backing with a Double Sided Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive System.

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Transparent Splicing Tape 25mm x 66m. Box of 36 rolls

A polyester film with acrylic based pressure sensitive thermosetting adhesive

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SCAPA 2901 - Polyethylene Adhesive Tape 25mm x 33m. Box of 36 rolls

SCAPA 2901 Adhesive Polyethylene Tape which uses an aggressive pressure sensitive rubber based adhesive system.

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